Book 1

Air of vengeance

Billy Molskin’s entire life was laid out for him. As a Bare Pants, he barely existed. Stripped of his Essence at birth and considered one step below mold spores in significance, he was destined for nothing. And now, as the Land of Windhollows is threatened by an evil darkness, Billy must not only confront the darkness, but also face the truth behind his father’s mysterious past. With the help of unlikely friends, Billy will encounter “the Spent” and face a painful decision that will shape his fate and the future of Windhollows.

Book 2


Growing more powerful, Rip Stinker mercilessly wields his darkness upon his victims, turning Billy’s old friends into foes. Transformed by the Essence of Ripinum, the Spent unleash a destructive power the Land of Windhollows has never seen. Reluctant to continue his father’s quest to uncover Rip Stinker’s evil plans, Billy teams up with friends Wendy Breeze and Teddy Franks on an adventure that will test his courage and ultimately uncover the legend behind the mythical Flabbergaster.

Secrets are learned and weakness becomes strength when Darkness Falls upon Windhollows.


Windhollow and the
axe breaker

Billy uncovers secrets of the Axe Breaker and a mysterious history long hidden from the Lands, only to find his adventures have just begun. Rip Stinker continues his path of vengeance on all who betrayed him while Nila Windhammer executes an even darker plot against Billy, who, with the help of friends Teddy and Wendy, must find the Four Stones of Lumite before Nila.

As the battle unfolds, will an unexpected loss plunge Billy into darkness?

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