Trayner Bane is a Louisville, Kentucky-based author who never imagined he’d have the pleasure of writing a fantasy/adventure series dedicated to middle grade students (Windhollows) and a future series for young adults (Essencians) in his spare time. His creative works balance vast fantasy worlds and interesting characters with classic themes that children and adults often experience throughout their lives. Blending humor with sincerity, and fantasy with reality, he creates imaginary worlds where people of all ages can escape.

Trayner enjoys nature, fitness, survivalism in our modern world, reading World War II Pacific theater history, and spending time with his children. In his professional career, he was formerly a red team leader who worked with a highly skilled team of individuals operating in an adversarial role to determine possible attack vectors and weaknesses within operation theaters, or as his kids might say, “He helped fight bad guys.”

Nowadays, he writes and creates the Windhollows fantasy adventure series and runs an information technology company.


--Trayner Bane