Updated Version to Air of Vengeance Now Available

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My book writing journey hasn’t been without its hurdles. In the beginning, even though the words poured freely onto paper, I was more concerned I would hit a roadblock or plot dilemma that would send me into the rails. To my surprise, it turned out to be book publishing.

To make a long story short, a problem in the revision process resulted in an old unedited version to Air of Vengeance being released on Kindle and print. What started as a small revision to fix a few errors ended with an old draft with hundreds of errors being published. This wasn’t the highlight of my book writing journey. I take pride in my work and I always strive to improve as an indie author.

So, when readers started letting me know there were some serious copy edit problems with the book, I worked immediately to resolve them. In the process, I also went ahead and applied some new updates.

Here’s a list of everything new in what I’m calling “Version 2.5” of the first book in the Windhollows series.

  • New Map of Windhollows
  • Copy edit process improvements
  • Changed some creature names
  • Tweaked some wording to accommodate the evolved direction of the story
  • Improved some flow
  • Cleaned up the Dictionary to the Lands
  • Worked with Amazon to send out update to all customers who purchased the Kindle book
  • Added the Edge of Darkness poem to the dedication

I hope you enjoy the fresh updates.

For those who purchased Air of Vengeance on Kindle – please update through Kindle (“Manage Your Content and Devices”).

For those who purchased Air of Vengeance in print format – send me an email with a proof of purchase for the print and I’ll send you an updated, signed copy.

Thanks to all the readers out there who have provided me feedback and reviews!



--Trayner Bane

4th Grade Presentation at Holy Trinity

I had a great time presenting to all 4th grade students at Holy Trinity. Thanks Mrs. Thompson! We discussed the Windhollows series for a little while, then spent most of the time learning how the imagination and creative thinking work not only inside the writing process, but also outside it in various careers, such as engineering, architecture, business, and more. We wrapped it all up with some fun creative activities with lots of volunteers.

Very smart group of 4th graders! Keep it up Holy Trinity!