Helmet for My Pillow

Helmet for My PillowHelmet for My Pillow by Robert Leckie
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Many of my relatives fought in the Pacific theater of WWII, so every story I read provides me a different glimpse into what my forefathers went through. The story of Robert Leckie provided me a raw glimpse of what I’ll call the perfection within the imperfections of those who sacrificed. Stories about serving time in the brig, the theft of the essentials to survive or gain back a piece of their civility, absences without official leave, and the many other acts that took place in the lull of battle. All these imperfections were key ingredients to men who would serve, fight, and die for a cause that most of us today refuse to accept or understand. Helmet For My Pillow is an excellent portrait of small pieces of imperfections coming together to achieve something far greater than any single person can understand.

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