Fortune Cookie Musical Inspiration

If you asked me what my next writing series would be, it’s highly unlikely I would have responded with an answer based on a fortune cookie. But lo and behold, upon finishing this tasty treat, I found this inside:


There was no debating the legitimacy of a fortune cookie. This fortune cookie was able to pry itself into my heart and uncover my strong connection between music and writing. I grew a bit paranoid and wondered how the fortune cookie maker could possibly know of my writing ritual. I questioned if they knew that I pull out my iPad, put on my Bose QuietComfort headphones, then open iTunes to set the mood for my writing. If they could determine this, would they also know the artists that I go to for my emotional journey? I had to find out, so I opened a fresh gallon of milk and began eating the rest of the box. I had to be sure they didn’t know more.

Kidding aside, and some ten pounds later, I found much familiarity with this fortune. Music, without a doubt, plays a critical role in my creativity. Music sets the mood. Music evokes emotion. But more importantly, music is the plane, boat, train, horse, or whatever vehicle that takes me to the imaginary space as a write. It frames the mood and greases the machine of creativity.

Although my completion of the Windhollows series keeps me extremely busy outside of my work life and family, I thought it would be fun to share my musical inspirations with you. I’m thinking I’ll do a blog per artist and do my best to release one every few weeks. And I’ll also keep the focus on artists I listen to during my writing.

I’m looking forward to sharing and I hope you join me.

--Trayner Bane