The Artist Behind the Art

When the Windhollows adventure began almost three years ago, I was very fortunate to meet Scott Soeder, the talented artist behind the Windhollows characters and book cover art. Prior to our first meeting, I had visions inside my head as to what every character looked like. In no way could I have imagined an artist could extract them from my imagination, but Scott did just that.

We met for hours and discussed their size, shape, movement, emotions, hairstyles, and more. A few weeks later, I was presented with some rough sketches and concepts. We made a few more tweaks and within a short time we had the primary characters figured out.


Even though I’m writing a book series, the artistic process is very important to me for two primary reasons, each of which were also my primary goals.

First, the artwork should draw the right audience into your story while properly portraying the content of your story and characters.

Second, the Windhollows story was originally created to be a video game – a 2D side-scroller*. Artistic elements had to be created that could evolve into quality two and three dimensional models.

Scott successfully achieved both goals by vividly and accurately portraying the characters in the story and by creating character model sheets that would work well in video game media and the book series art.

Since our first meeting, I have focused solely on writing and completing the book series, but the passion for great art continues through book cover art, future character designs, and marketing material.

Thanks for all the work over the years, Scott!

--Trayner Bane

Windhollows is available on Amazon print or Kindle.

Air of Vengeance (Windhollows, Book 1)

Darkness Falls (Windhollows, Book 2)

Learn more about Scott here.

*For those of you who have read the books you’ll find all the Easter Eggs scattered throughout: areas, bosses, main quest, side quests, and more.