Darkness Falls Update Release


The Darkness Falls update is now available on Kindle and print. Lots of great improvements!

Here’s a list of everything new in version 2.5 of the second book in the Windhollows series.

  • New Map of Windhollows

  • Copy edit process improvements

  • Changed some creature names

  • Tweaked some wording to accommodate the evolved direction of the story

  • Improved some flow

  • Cleaned up the Dictionary to the Lands

  • Worked with Amazon to send out update to all customers who purchased the Kindle book

  • Added the Edge of Darkness poem to the dedication

I hope you enjoy the fresh updates.

For those who purchased Darkness Falls on Kindle – please update through Kindle (“Manage Your Content and Devices”). You should find Version 2.5 in the front matter copyright page.

For those who purchased Darkness Falls in print format – send me an email with a proof of purchase for the print and I’ll send you an updated, signed copy.

Thanks to all the readers out there who have provided me feedback and reviews!



--Trayner Bane