The High King by Lloyd Alexander

The High King (The Chronicles of Prydain #5)The High King by Lloyd Alexander
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Although Taran Wanderer is still my favorite, the High King was a wonderful wrap-up of the entire series. If I were a harsher critic I’d give it four stars, but I like to get past the nitpicky “should haves” and “would haves” and judge the book for what it’s worth as a whole. I think there’s some legitimate argument that the ending was anti-climactic, but perhaps from the author’s experience or WWII past, he understood that life doesn’t always have a Hollywood ending and that a simple event can radically change one’s life or history within the time it takes to read a single page or a paragraph. When I read this series as a child I read every word and lived the experience. As an adult, I found it slow at times and in some cases repetitive and boring. But that’s not the way it was the first two times I read the series in my younger years and I hardly think it would be any different if I read the Lord of the Rings again. It’s a great book series for kids. I will pass along to mine, and will definitely always recommend to others.
Trayner Bane

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