Updated Version to Air of Vengeance Now Available

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My book writing journey hasn’t been without its hurdles. In the beginning, even though the words poured freely onto paper, I was more concerned I would hit a roadblock or plot dilemma that would send me into the rails. To my surprise, it turned out to be book publishing.

To make a long story short, a problem in the revision process resulted in an old unedited version to Air of Vengeance being released on Kindle and print. What started as a small revision to fix a few errors ended with an old draft with hundreds of errors being published. This wasn’t the highlight of my book writing journey. I take pride in my work and I always strive to improve as an indie author.

So, when readers started letting me know there were some serious copy edit problems with the book, I worked immediately to resolve them. In the process, I also went ahead and applied some new updates.

Here’s a list of everything new in what I’m calling “Version 2.5” of the first book in the Windhollows series.

  • New Map of Windhollows
  • Copy edit process improvements
  • Changed some creature names
  • Tweaked some wording to accommodate the evolved direction of the story
  • Improved some flow
  • Cleaned up the Dictionary to the Lands
  • Worked with Amazon to send out update to all customers who purchased the Kindle book
  • Added the Edge of Darkness poem to the dedication

I hope you enjoy the fresh updates.

For those who purchased Air of Vengeance on Kindle – please update through Kindle (“Manage Your Content and Devices”).

For those who purchased Air of Vengeance in print format – send me an email with a proof of purchase for the print and I’ll send you an updated, signed copy.

Thanks to all the readers out there who have provided me feedback and reviews!



--Trayner Bane